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Faculty Chapter Advisor's Certification of New Membership
Faculty Chapter Advisor’s Certification of New Membership Form with all the proposed chapter members’ information. This form must be signed by the proposed Faculty Chapter Advisor verifying all members’ eligibility and attesting to the fact that each named member has met the minimum standards for membership in Tau Upsilon Alpha. The completed and signed Faculty Chapter Advisor's Certification of New Membership form must be uploaded in the online payment form in order to be processed.  The TUA office is no longer taking these forms via email.

  1. Faculty Chapter Advisor's Certification of New Membership Form (Click to Download)
  2. TUA Faculty Chapter Advisor's Certification Online Payment Form (Submit FAC document & payment)

Chapter Annual Renewal
Each chapter shall submit a report which includes a summary of chapter activities and financial information, on or before the date established by the National Office.

This report may be completed by chapter officers and must be verified by the Faculty Chapter Advisor. These forms and the chapter fee of $50 must be received by the National Office no later than April 1 of each year. A late fee of $10 will be assessed for chapters who fail to meet the April 1 deadline and should be included in the check with the fees payment for the year. The reports and dues must be received in order for your chapter to be active and eligible to induct new members.

  • Click HERE to Complete the Online Chapter Renewal Form

Application for Chapter Charter
The petition section is an official statement of endorsement and support by the proposed chapter advisor and student members; the department chair; and a college/university administrator (Dean or above). This petition insures that the administration of the institution is informed and supportive of the establishment of a chapter of Tau Upsilon Alpha.

Application for Faculty Membership
Arrange to have the Faculty Membership Application Form completed and the lifetime membership fee paid by the faculty member who will serve as advisor of the chapter, if not already a member of Tau Upsilon Alpha. The application will need to be mailed to the national office with all requested documentation. A copy should be retained by the college/university

Application for Student/Alumni Membership - TUA CURRENT CHAPTERS ONLY
Have each of the proposed student or alumni members complete the Student or Alumni Membership Application Form for Membership in Tau Upsilon Alpha and pay the lifetime membership fee to you, or the school, in order that one payment is made for all applications and fees to the National Office. The designated Faculty Advisor must sign each student membership application in order to certify that the qualifications for membership in Tau Upsilon Alpha have been met. All original documentation must be retained by the college/university for a minimum of five (5) years. Random audits will be made by the National Office each year to ensure compliance with the honor society’s Policies.

Application At Large Membership
A member at-large is any person who is currently enrolled in or teaching in a Human Services degree program, or related field within the social sciences, where there is not a local chapter available and the individual meets all the required qualifications of a chapter member in either the student or faculty status. In addition, a member at-large shall (a) provide two letters of recommendations, and (b) provide documentation from their educational institution stating why a chapter cannot be started at the institution and that the institution is fully accredited by its regional accrediting agency. At-large-members request approval for Society membership directly through the National Office.

Application for Honorary Members
Honorary membership recognizes outstanding professional achievement and service to the human services field by persons not eligible for student, alumni or faculty membership in the Society. Nominations shall be approved by the Chapter Advisor. No more than two honorary memberships may be granted by a chapter in any academic year. Honorary Members must be elected by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the chapter. The TUA national dues will be paid for by the local chapter offering the honorary membership.

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