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Pre-Conference Sessions

1) Project FORECAST is a unique simulation-based educational experience designed to help human services professionals develop trauma-informed strategies and perspectives. This workshop will better prepare participants for the complex challenges of trauma-informed care. Participants will observe, discuss, and make decisions that impact the rest of the simulation. All the while, defining problems, uncovering information, and working together to identify and evaluate possible solutions.

2) Experience CSHSE Accreditation: A Panel about the Benefits & Process: Join us for a panel featuring speakers from newly accredited CSHSE programs, moderated by CSHSE Board Members. Get insights on the accreditation process, self-study writing, site visit planning, curriculum enhancement, and more.

3) Sponsored by Preferra - "Prevention Works: Consequences of Not Managing Risk", This workshop enhances ethical competence and legal awareness by addressing key issues such as subpoenas, professional wills, billing, supervision, boundary management, and malpractice insurance. Learn to navigate complex legal landscapes while upholding high ethical standards, preventing severe professional consequences.

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