Chapter List

Below is a list of current chapters of TUA. Chapters are listed in alphabetical order by school, and the TUA Chapter name is in bold. For students, if your school is listed, please contact your advisor for membership information.

Assumption College
Alpha Delta
Advisor:  Susan Scully-Hill / Gary Senecal
Susan: [email protected]
Gary: [email protected]

Baker College - Muskegon
Advisor: Myra Dutton
[email protected]

Bowie State
Beta Zeta
Advisor: Kim Barnett
[email protected]

Brookdale Community College
Beta Kappa
Advisor: Sara B. Burrill
[email protected]

Capella University
Beta Chi
Advisor: Tracee Washington
[email protected]

Carlos Albizu University
Beta Beta Alpha
Advisor: Dr. Irene Bravo
[email protected]

Cazenovia College
Advisor: Mary Handley
[email protected]

Chestnut Hill College
Alpha Tau
Advisor: Elaine R. Green, Ed.D.
[email protected]

College of DuPage
Alpha Gamma
Advisor: Jason Florin
[email protected]

East Tennessee State University
Chi Ro
Advisor: Audrey Besch
[email protected]

Elon University
Advisor: Vanessa Drew-Branch
[email protected]

Fitchburg University
Kappa Nu
Advisor: Megan Krell
[email protected]

Gainesville State College
Alpha Pi
Advisor: Sara Mason
[email protected]

Goodwin College
Alpha Sigma
Advisor: Susan Boafo-Arthur
[email protected]

Grand View University
Chi Xi
Jill Sudak-Allison
Advisor: [email protected]

Gwynedd-Mercy College
Beta Epsilon
Advisor: Stephanie Fratantaro
[email protected]

Horry-Georgetown Technical College
Chi Chi
Advisor: Jeanne Bennett
[email protected]

Mercer University
Advisor: Marna Burns
[email protected]

Metropolitan State University
Advisor: Tara Hammar
[email protected]

Mount Saint Mary
Alpha Omicron
Advisor: Susan Vorsanger
[email protected]

Old Dominion University
Beta Gamma
Advisor: Radha Horton-Parker
[email protected]

Pasco Hernando Community College
Alpha Mu
Advisor: Eddie Williams, IV
[email protected]

Piedmont Technical College
Alpha Theta
Advisor: Kristi Byrd
[email protected]

Post University
Chi Alpha
Advisor: Crystal Vuole
[email protected]

Purdue University - Fort Wayne
Alpha Kappa
Advisor: Julie Hill-Lauer
[email protected]

Purdue University Global
Chi Iota
Advisor: Linda Simon 
[email protected]

Rhodes State College
Rho Chi
Advisor:  Patricia Hampshire
[email protected]

St. Johns University
Alpha Zeta
Advisor: Joan Tropnas
[email protected]

Solano Community College
Sigma Chi
Advisor: Dr. Saki Cabrera
[email protected]

Stevenson University
Advisor: Lauri Weiner
[email protected]

Tri County Community College
Chi Lambda
Advisor: Lindi Gentry-Lechelt
[email protected]

Troy University 
Chi Pi
Advisor: Dana Wilson
[email protected]

University of Arizona Global Campus (formerly Ashford University)
Chi Theta
Advisor: Cara Metz
[email protected]

University of Baltimore / Coppin State
Alpha Eta
Advisor: John Hudgins / Bridal Pearson
John:  [email protected] 
Bridal:  [email protected]

University of Delaware
Omega Psi
Advisor: Rebecca Wilson
[email protected]

University of the Cumberlands
Chi Mu
Advisor: Jennifer Knuckles
[email protected]

University of Nevada - Las Vegas
Gamma Lambda
Advisor: Brett Gleason
[email protected]

University of Phoenix - San Diego
Alpha Beta
Advisor: Barbara Burt
[email protected]

University of South Carolina - Beaufort
Chi Nu
Advisor: Najmah Thomas
[email protected]

University of Scranton
Advisor: Paul Datti
[email protected]

University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
Chi Tau
Advisor: Janet Hagen
[email protected]

Walden University
Alpha Chi
Advisor: Dr. Dorothy Seabrook
[email protected]
[email protected]

Washburn University of Topeka
Advisor: Justin Spiehs
[email protected]

Wayne State College
Alpha Rho
Advisor: Cody Dickson / Brook Jech
Cody: [email protected]
Brook: [email protected]

Wilmington University
Advisor: Allan Zaback
[email protected]

York College
Chi Sigma
Advisor: Robyn Maitoza
[email protected]