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For more Information about the School of Human Services
Contact: Kristin B. Faix Wilkinson, Program Director- School of Human Services
For over 50 years, Walden University, an accredited institution, has been serving the higher education needs of working professionals. Today, more than 55,000 students from across the United States and 115 countries are currently pursuing online bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees or professional certificates in such areas of study as nursing, health sciences, counseling, social work and human services, psychology, education, public policy and administration, management, and information technology. Through programs that reflect current market trends and promote positive social change, Walden is helping students achieve their goals so they can accelerate their careers and make a difference in their communities.
For more Information about the School of Human Services
Contact: Dr. Amina Abdullah, Ph.D., Program Chair of Human Services or Dr. Nancy Wood, Ph.D., Director of Human Services Administration
Want to learn how to increase your knowledge about the human services profession, as well as gain practical experience, develop your interpersonal helping skills, and prepare a resume that demonstrates you are job ready? Visit our webpage to learn more about earning a degree in Human Services!

For more Information about the School of Human Services
Contact: Dr, David I. Rudder, Ph.D., Associate Dean/ Chair, Department of Human Services/ OL Coordinator of the School of Social Work and Behavioral Sciences

The Master of Science in Human Services with a concentration in Organizational Leadership (OL) is an interdisciplinary program preparing you to lead in today’s environment of rapid change and organizational restructuring. You learn to
cultivate your leadership skills to communicate and make strategic, data-driven decisions to best support your team and organization.

• Lead from an ethical leadership philosophy that values a diverse workforce.
• Manage and motivate teams.
• Optimize organizational communication to address organizational stability
and external challenges.


Matrix of Needs 
Contact: Bob Bowen

The Matrix of Needs™ is an innovative way to understand the needs of people. It will help you design organizational structures and improve individual interactions to bring healing and hope to people with histories of trauma.

Fun fact:  I would have to ask Steve for some input and perhaps Kasie, the word "fun" is seldom applied to me, we professor types tend to be dull and boring!

For more Information about the School of Human Services

Prescott College's M.A. in Critical Psychology aims to examine the historical, political, economic, and cultural underpinnings of mainstream psychology as well as its role in issues such as power and oppression. The program builds upon progressive psychologies which emphasize social justice, liberation, and equality in the aim of facilitating the wellbeing of individuals, communities, and societies. Our students engage in integrated and focused learning that encompasses the mission of Prescott College: social and ecological literacies, sustainability, global learning, and the diversity of human experiences. Courses are offered through an online modality, allowing you the flexibility to remain in your home community without the need to uproot your life. Students who choose Prescott College challenge themselves to take action. They seize an opportunity to make an impact and do not shy away from adversity. Prescott students bring their passion, and Prescott College teaches them to move mountains.