We are bringing together the characters and experiences of the many individuals invested in providing human services.

Across practices and backgrounds, we explore the power of what we do and the impact it supports.



Episode 18: Part 1 & 2
Moving Towards Conscious Living with Dr. Yvonne Murray-Larrier & Dr. Geneva Fleming
Founding President & Vice President of GC SCORED, Inc.

GC SCORED Founding President, Dr. Yvonne Murray-Larrier and Vice President, Dr. Geneva Fleming, join us at the roundtable this week to talk about the philosophy and foundation of GC SCORED (Global Center for Systemic Change, Outcome, Research, Evaluation and Development) and the nonprofit’s services. In PART 1, we dive into the nature of self-awareness, conscious living, and why those elements are crucial to our individual well being and in our work those we serve in human services.

Diving into PART 2 with GC SCORED Founding President, Dr. Yvonne Murray-Larrier and  Vice President, Dr. Geneva Fleming, they unpack the programs they offer through the GC  SCORED nonprofit, how the RUMERTIME process plays out in our lives, and why the  world of human services (and world at large) is in need of a conscious shift into  awareness and partnership.

Let's talk about it.

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Episode 17
"Relationships In Service" with Peter Leidy
Human Services Consultant & Songwriter 

Peter Leidy is a Professional H.S. Consultant, as well as a talented singer and  songwriter. He joins us in conversation to explore the importance of our relationships to  ourselves, each other, and those we serve. Peter also shares his experience of service through  music and why it’s important to bring our creative talents to our work in human services. 

Let’s talk about it. 

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Episode 16
"Combating Stigma, Not Mental Health" with Dr. Beverly Smith
American Mental Health Counselors Association, President & Interim CEO

More often than not, service providers are reminded and encouraged to contemplate their own bias and the stigmas we give consent to. Dr. Beverly Smith, a licensed counselor & Chair of the Board of Directors for the American Mental Health Counseling Association (AMHCA), helps us understand how stigmas around mental health have come to be and why they continue to be unchallenged. We also dive into what we have to gain when we prioritize understanding our own inner foundations.

Let's talk about it.

American Mental Health Counselor Association



Episode 15: Part 1 & 2
"Advocacy & Civil Engagement" with Dr. Michelle Curry 

Civics Trust Manager & Developer - The Citizens Campaign

As our conversations continue to expand (in topic and time), we bring you another TWO PART conversation with guest Michelle Curry.

Michelle breaks down what is essential to the empowerment of communities and individual civic engagement. In our first segment, the discussion centers around how the process of civic engagement unfolds and in what ways Michelle has lead youth through Civic Trust across the country.

We discuss how to unify a diverse community, the type of leadership invested, and the successful efforts of The Civilian Campaign  with civic engagement. Michelle takes us on a humorous and refreshing journey through her  experiences with real people who have built the foundation for real, community-based change.  

Let's talk about it.

The Citizens Campaign Website




Episode 14
"Effective Leadership in Human Services" with Tim Nolan 

Founder & President - Human Services Leadership Institute

This week, we discuss the ins and outs of effective leadership in human services with our guest Tim Nolan. As the founder and president of the Human Services Leadership Institute, Tim has written a series of books, training guides, and lectures addressing leadership sustainability for HS organizations across the spectrum. We unravel what works, what doesn’t work, and potential alternatives to current the “culture” of nonprofit leadership.  

Let's talk about it. 
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Episode 13: Part 1 & 2
"Radical Altruism" with Dr. Sara Sutler-Cohen, Ph.D.,
Program Director Human Services, Colorado State University Global

Ideas around self-reflection and actualization can be difficult to communicate since they vary in meaning for everyone. Still, they are necessary parts of the human services journey and in our everyday lives.

Joining us this week to unpack these processes is Sociologist, researcher, professor, and mentor Dr. SaraSutler-Cohen. Our conversation covered so much, we're bringing it to you in two parts!

In Part 1, Dr. Sara details how personal experiences shape our understanding of self-awareness, despair, transformation, and our own significance. 

In Part 2, we attempt to outline the importance of inner knowing and the ways it impacts our perceptions of reality, how we engage with "the work", and how we respond to each other in the field of human services.

Let’s talk about it.



Episode 12: "Community of Experience"
with Sarah Pope, Chief Executive Officer – SOS Care Nonprofit

At the roundtable this week, we are joined by Sarah Pope, who is the CEO of SOS Care Nonprofit. Sarah talks with us about the ever-evolving work she and her team have done to empower individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities. We also dive deeper into the topic of personal experience and the environments we can create in order to foster holistic change in our own communities.

Let’s talk about it.



Episode 11: "Embracing Crisis with Heart"
with Allan McDougall

In this compelling episode with our guest Allan McDougall, Program Director- United Steelworkers Emergency Response Team, our conversation unpacks the worlds we carry within ourselves and how they dance with the worlds of those we serve. Allan shares his stories of grief, loss, compassion, and healing as he cast a light on the works of crisis response and the humans behind it. [SENSATIVE COTENT: Be advised this conversation includes intimate details related to trauma, PTSD, suicide, and depression.]

Let’s talk about it.



Episode 10: "Restorative Justice for Our Youth"
with Julie Hilt

Our conversation today is with Julie Hilt, the founder of Alternative Restorative Communities, LLC. We unpack the dynamics and disparities of the juvenile justice system in the U.S., and make a case for the necessity of restorative justice practices across the country. More info on the incredible work of ARC can be found on the website, along with personal testimonials and more ways to support the foundation. 

Let’s talk about it.



Episode 9 - "Reframing Human Services" with Lauren Wright

Our guest this week, Lauren Wright, is the Executive Director of Illinois Partners for Human Service. The 501(c)(3) organization is a coalition of over 800 HUNDRED human service organizations across the state. At the roundtable today, Lauren sheds light on the common misconceptions of the field, what actions can be taken towards reframing human services, and her stellar personal insight on the experiences leading up to her role today.

Let’s talk about it.



Episode 8: "Self, Service, & Societal Well Being" (Part 2)
with Dr. Sebastienne Grant, Ph.D.

In Part 2 of our conversation, Dr. Grant dives deeper into the academics underlying the MA program (link to website below!) and talks with me about the relevance of Critical Psychology to developing new foundations and forms of service that will be necessary in the near future.

Let’s talk about it.



Episode 8: "Self, Service, & Societal Well Being" (Part 1)
with Dr. Sebastienne Grant, Ph.D.

Joining us at the round table is Dr. Sebastienne Grant, who is the Program Director of the Critical Psychology and Human Services MA program at Prescott College. We explore the foundation of critical psychology and the fresh perspective it introduces to the field of human services. Dr. Grant explains why a new approach is needed within the field and what it means to our current understanding of individual and social well-being.

Let’s talk about it.



Episode 7: "Beyond The Binary"
with Dr. Karrie Walters, Ph.D, Licensed Psychologist

This time on the RoundTable Discussions Podcast, we bring you PART ONE of our installment with the brilliant and insightful Dr. Karrie Walters. In our first conversation we jump right into exploring the trans experience of young people, gracefully demonstrated by the lived experiences of Dr. Walters and her family.

Let’s talk about it.



Episode 6: "On The Matrix of Needs"
with Bob Bowen

Bob Bowen has over 35 years of experience as a behavioral consultant and has shared his wisdom through various peer reviewed articles, keynote speaking events, and workshops. He has built upon the work of Abraham Maslow and his Hierarchy of Needs and since constructed what he calls The Matrix of Needs, incorporating the root component of safety. In our conversation today, Bob expands on why safety is the most fundamental need of all human beings and the interdependent nature enveloping the world.

Let's talk about it. 



Episode 5: "Becoming Through Leadership"
with Dr. Marlo Greponne

Dr. Marlo Greponne is the Executive Director for the HRA of New Britain, a multi-service non-profit organization dedicated to increasing economic self-sufficiency among individuals and families. Our conversation today explores the components of leadership that are born from our own unique circumstances and how both our personal and professional experiences influence the roles we take on as leaders. Dr. Greponne shares a story of triumph over trial and the many ways grace and compassion have accompanied her becoming through leadership.

Let’s talk about it.



Episode 4: "Honoring Our Path & the Work We Do"
with Robin Brown, Policy Analyst, DHHS

Robin Brown is a Policy Analyst for the Department of Health & Human Services, as well as a student at Liberty University online. Our conversation today presses on the importance of embracing the direction from which you came and the way you move forward in the human service profession - even if it isn’t the one you planned. Robin shines a light on the nation’s policy making process, the pros and cons of the position , and on the impact of the work she’s done so far on her journey.

Let’s talk about it.



Episode 3: "A Way to Serve: Disability Advocacy"
 Thomas Cook

As we move through this journey of unpacking the realm of human services, we will take a deeper look into the spectrum of how individuals serve and the uniqueness of each path traveled. In this episode of NOHS RoundTable, we come to the table with Thomas Cook. His well-versed history as an advocate reveals a deep presence of resilience, dedication, and personal transformation - attributes oh so necessary in our pursuits to make the human experience a daily reality.

Let’s talk about it.



Episode 2: "More than Just Do-Gooders"
with Rachel Drosdick-Sigafoos

The RoundTable team is back!... with the SECOND installment of this fresh, new video podcast series. What did we breakdown this time? A stigma, commonly abused but rarely addressed. Our very own Rachel Drosdick-Sigafoos, Director of Membership, joins host Kasie Gilbert (COVID RoundTable style) to talk truth about the all too popular “Do-Gooder” label and what it reveals about common misconceptions had of human service providers. Not entirely sure what a “Do-Gooder” is? We’ve got you covered! Tune in for the formal definition and special appearances from a furry friend or two.

Let’s talk about it.



Episode 1: "What is Human Services?"
with Rachel Drosdick-Sigafoos

In our first round table talk about the world of human services, NOHS Secretary Donald Spears & Director of Membership Rachel Drosdick-Sigafoos introduce what the field and discipline look like, the kind of roles people have, and touch on a vast spectrum of relevant topics and issues. Watch or listen as we talk about it - all of it.




Premier Preview

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