NOHS Executive Director,

Mr. James Stinchcomb, MSW, MPA, HS-BCP, CNP

Mr. James Stinchcomb, MSW, MPA, HS-BCP, CNP is a seasoned leader in human services, renowned for his unwavering commitment to advocating for and improving the lives of individuals and communities. With a dedication to training the next generation of leaders, he engages students in thought-provoking discussions and encourages direct application of knowledge. Over his extensive career spanning over two decades, Mr. Stinchcomb has consistently demonstrated expertise, passion, and a strategic vision in advancing human services.

With a solid academic foundation, Mr. Stinchcomb earned his Bachelor's degree in Human Services (2011) and his Master of Public Administration (2013) from KSU, specializing in nonprofit management and case management. Acknowledging the importance of direct service and clinical practices, he pursued a Master of Social Work from the University of Georgia's clinical program in 2018, further solidifying his commitment to positively impacting lives.

His certifications underscore Mr. Stinchcomb's passion as a Human Service – Board Certified Practitioner (HS-BCP) and Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP). With over 20 years of experience in various roles within the human services field, he possesses a profound understanding of the challenges individuals, particularly those from diverse backgrounds, encounter.

As the Executive Director of the National Organization for Human Services (NOHS), Mr. Stinchcomb leads initiatives that promote excellence, collaboration, and advocacy for policies benefiting all individuals. Under his guidance, NOHS has become a leading voice in shaping the future of human services, influencing stakeholders, and driving positive change locally, nationally, and potentially internationally.

Before joining NOHS, James held pivotal leadership roles in nonprofit organizations and government agencies, honing his skills in program development, organizational management, and strategic planning. His empathetic, creative, and solutions-oriented approach has earned him widespread respect in the human services community.

Teaching is a cherished privilege for Mr. Stinchcomb, who fosters engaging discussions to inspire the practical application of knowledge. As a dynamic faculty member, he shares his wealth of experience at both undergraduate and graduate levels, nurturing the next generation of change agents.

Mr. Stinchcomb is also a fervent advocate for social justice and equity, driving initiatives to address systemic barriers and promote inclusivity. He actively seeks partnerships with diverse stakeholders to effect meaningful change and is a sought-after motivational speaker and thought leader, sharing his insights at conferences, symposiums, and academic institutions.

Committed to lifelong learning, Mr. Stinchcomb stays updated on emerging trends and best practices in the field. As Executive Director of NOHS, he continues to lead with integrity, compassion, and a steadfast dedication to advancing human services and enhancing the well-being of individuals and communities nationwide.