New Professional Membership

Dues: $50.00/annually

(as of 10/01/2023, approval of NOHS bylaws) 

New Professional members shall include individuals who have recently graduated from a human services program or a closely related field (sociology, social work, counseling, psychology, etc.) within the past twelve months and shares mission and purpose of NOHS; OR be recently enrolled into a graduate level program; OR have entered the field of human services within the past twelve months. New professional status applies to individuals with or without full-time employment.

 This membership may require verification, and upon renewal, make sure not to exceed the maximum of two years in this membership level. 

 As a new professional, connect with peers around the country and take advantage of ongoing continuing education and career growth.

  • Career Development
    • Job Board
    • Free résumé evaluation
    • Access to Getting Hired in Human Services video series
  • Volunteering opportunities- shape the future of NOHS and human services!
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