Educators/Faculty Membership

Dues: $95.00/annually

(as of 10/01/2023, approval of NOHS bylaws) 

 A faculty member is any individual who teaches part-time, or full-time, in a human services program or a closely related field (sociology, social work, counseling, psychology, etc.) and shares the mission and purpose of NOHS. 

Faculty and Educators at schools around the country are committed to developing the future generation of community-based service professionals.

  • Opportunities to share research and expertise with the human services community at conferences, in publications and on media productions
  • Set awareness of new strategies and evidence-based practices
  • Grow the next generation of counselors
  • Leadership opportunities with NOHS projects, committees and leadership efforts Publication opportunities
  • Access lesson planning tools in the curriculum library
  • Convene with other educator-members
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