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Council for Standards in Human Service Education

The Announcement of the Council's First Peer-Reviewed Monograph


I am extremely proud to announce the publication of the Council’s first peer-reviewed monograph. The monograph, Fitness for the Human Services Profession: Preliminary Explorations, was edited by Dr. Shoshana Kerewsky. Articles in it focus on a significant challenge for human services programs --- working with students who have behavioral or legal issues that could hamper their development and effectiveness as professionals.

You can access the monograph at www.cshse.org/publications. Please share this link with other faculty members and human service professionals. The articles are very thought-provoking and could provide the basis for lively discussions.

Best wishes for a successful conclusion to your semester and a peaceful and joyful holiday season!

Gigi Franyo-Ehlers, Ph.D, HS-BCP
Vice President/Publications
Council for Standards in Human Service Education