Research Grant

The research grant is a mini-grant that can be used to fund start-up projects, demonstration projects or the first phase of a larger project using a $500 award.  The focus of the award can be on a variety of topics in both practice and academic settings in human services.  The recipient must show accountability for the funding by submitting receipts or other documentation within one year of receiving the award check from NOHS.  If the funding is not used within one year, it must be returned to NOHS.  In addition, the recipient must produce a manuscript for a professional journal OR an article for The Link OR make a presentation at a NOHS regional or national conference within 24 months after receiving the check. 

The applicant should submit a proposal using these six points as section headings: purpose of the research, relatedness to human services, researcher qualifications, literature review, methodology and analysis, and budget description.  The proposal does not require a literature review, but any citation should be referenced in a bibliography. The proposal should be approximately three pages, double-spaced, in length. Proposals are reviewed anonymously and identifying information should be omitted. 

Your application will be evaluated on the following criteria using a five-point scale where 5 = Outstanding and 1 = Doesn’t Meet

  • Current Member of NOHS
  • Complete application packet with no late materials
  • No identifying information in proposal
  • Purpose of research
  • Relatedness to Human Services
  • Researcher Qualifications
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology and Analysis
  • Budget Description (amount and how it will be used)
To view the evaluation form used for this award, click here

Application materials must be submitted by July 31 to be considered. All application materials should be submitted electronically to Dr. Radha Horton-Parker at [email protected] with the exception of the transcripts which should be mailed to:

    Dr. Radha Horton-Parker 
    Counseling and Human Services Department
    Darden College of Education
    Old Dominion University 
    Norfolk, VA 23529