New England Organization for Human Services 

The New England Organization for Human Services (NEOHS) is a regional affiliation of the National Organization for Human Services (NOHS). The goals of the New England Organization for Human Services are to provide a place for educators, students, and professionals to communicate and learn about human services research, standards for human services education and practice, career development, and social change.

The New England Organization for Human Services includes the following states:

  • Connecticut

  • Massachusetts

  • Maine

  • New Hampshire

  • Rhode Island

  • Vermont

2019-2020 NEOHS Board of Directors 

Nicole Kras, Immediate Past President (2021)            
[email protected]
Carol Nelson, President (2021)
[email protected]
Louise Bacon, Vice-President (2021)
[email protected]
Greg Austin, Secretary (2020)
[email protected]
Alan Rosenberg, Treasurer (2020)
aros[email protected]
Megan Krell, Membership (2020)
[email protected]
Mary DiGiovanni, Historian
[email protected] 
Janine Spinola Taylor (2022)
[email protected]
Annie George (2021)                                                              
[email protected]
Colleen Kim (2021)
Lynette E. Johnson (2021)
Candice Shivers (2022)
Dennis Martino (2021)
Bill Morgan (2022)
Cassparina Carlson (2022)
* End of term of service (two years for officers, three years for educators/ practitioner Board members, one year for student Board members)
Two Year College Representative: Andrew Brunell [email protected]
Four Year College Representative: Jennifer Ray [email protected]
Graduate Student Representative: Dischima Washington [email protected]