NOHS Proposed Bylaws Revision

Periodically the National Organization for Human Services reviews, updates and amends its by-laws, if necessary.  Early in 2019 a sub-committee took on this task.  In reviewing the by-laws it was noted that there had not been an update or amendment to the by-laws since 2012.  Based upon the significant amount of time since the last review the committee charged with this task spent 12 months completing an extensive and complete review of the by-laws.  It was important to do this to ensure that the by-laws were relevant to our current state of the organization and that they would serve the organization going into the future. 

The NOHS Board of Directors has reviewed the proposed updates and amendments to the by-laws. After a significant amount of review the proposed amendments to the by-laws were passed unanimously at the Dec. 16, 2019 Board of Directors meeting. 

Per the current NOHS Bylaws:

By Laws may be amended by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the Members voting whether present or by proxy as described in 2.4. Proposed changes to the By Laws must be made available to Members at least 30 days in advance of any vote to change.”

Therefore the NOHS Board is making the amended by-laws available to all NOHS members for review prior to voting which will take place January 16, 2020.  Please email your feedback to Stacey Barrett, NOHS Association Manager, at [email protected].

Supporting Documents:

Thank you for your attention to this matter.