Mid-Atlantic Consortium for Human Services Bylaws

Article I: Purpose

1.1 The Mid-Atlantic Consortium for Human Services (hereafter referred to as the MACHS Organization) is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to (a) provide a medium for collaboration, communication, and connections among individuals associated with the field of human services; (b) facilitate excellence in the delivery of human services; (c) support the ethical conduct in the human service field (d) foster excellence in teaching, research and curriculum planning; (e) serve members in their professional development; and (f) promote social justice.

Article II: Membership

2.1 Membership shall be open to all persons and organizations involved with or interested in human services (both students and professional).

2.2 Membership eligibility shall be defined by the Executive Officers.

2.3 Termination of membership may occur by (a) resignation or (b) violation of the MACHS Organization's bylaws or for unethical conduct as defined by the ethical standards for Human Services professionals.

2.4 All members shall have equal voting privileges and may vote in person, by other methods of technology, or in absentia by contacting the MACHS Secretary to request an absentee ballot.

2.5 Membership to MACHS is granted through membership in the National Organization (NOHS). Rights and privileges provided to NOHS members are extended to those who identify as MACHS members.

Article III: Meetings

3.1 An annual meeting of all members shall be held once per year at a time and place determined by the Executive Officers. Written notice of annual meetings shall be provided to all Members 90 days prior to the date scheduled for the meeting.

Article IV: Executive Officers

4.1 The activities and affairs of the MACHS/NOHS Organization shall be conducted by the Executive Officers that meet at least once each year. One such meeting will be held in conjunction with the annual membership meeting.

4.2 Members of the MACHS/NOHS Organization shall elect the Officers and Other Elected Members through annual elections. In the event of a vacancy in any elected position, other than at the annual election, the President with the approval of the Executive Officers may appoint a qualified member of the MACHS Organization to serve the remainder of the term.

4.2a The Executive Officers, by majority vote, may establish a special election to fill a vacant elected position at a time other than the annual election when it is in the best interest of the organization.

4.3 The Executive Officers shall be composed of, Other Elected Members, and Appointed Members.

Article V: Officers of the Organization

5.1 Officers of the MACHS Organization shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Student Representative. All officers shall be members of the MACHS Organization, and each, before taking office, must have had a minimum of one year of membership in the MACHS Organization and/or its associate (the National Organization for Human Services. Each officer will be elected for a two-year term and may be re-elected for one additional term unless otherwise stated. Each officer shall provide a report to the membership at the annual meeting.

5.2 The President shall perform all duties normally incident to the office such as presiding over meetings of the Executive Officers and the annual Membership meeting. The President shall be elected in even numbered years. The President shall act as a liaison between MACHS and the National Organization. The President shall be elected in odd numbered years.

5.3 The Vice President shall oversee the planning and implementation of the MACHS annual conference under the direction of the Executive Officers. Duties shall include preparation of a detailed proposed budget as part of the annual fiscal process and a full post-conference report, including a final financial report, which shall be presented to the Executive Officers within 90 days of the annual meeting. In the event of the President’s position becoming vacant prior to the end of the elected term, or if the President cannot fulfill duties at any time, the order of succession will be the Vice President. The Vice President shall be elected in even numbered years.

5.4 The Secretary shall ensure the archiving of Bylaws, records of the MACHS Organization, shall keep minutes of all meetings of the Executive Officers, and of annual Membership meeting. All minutes of meetings shall be published to members of the organization within 30 days of the conclusion of a board meeting. The Secretary shall be elected in even numbered years.

5.5 The Treasurer shall be the financial officer of the MACHS Organization and oversees the funds in coordination with the National Organization treasurer. The Treasurer will coordinate the preparation of an annual budget, provide an account of all transactions and the financial condition of the MACHS Organization at all meetings of the Executive Officers, and shall ensure that liability insurance is in force for the MACHS Organization. The Treasurer shall be elected in odd numbered years.

5.6 A student will serve in the role of student representative to the MACHS organization. This student must be a student member of NOHS/MACHS and be in good standing. This student will serve a one (1) year term, and will be eligible for to serve a second term if they remain in good standing as a student member of NOHS.

Article VI: Other Elected Members of the Executive Officers

6.1 To be determined as needed.

Article IX: The Executive Officers

7.1 The Executive officers shall be composed of the President, Past-President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and Student Representative. A quorum is a majority of NOHS/MACHS members in attendance. The Executive Officers may be required, under certain circumstances (as clarified in Robert's Rule of Order) to manage the activities and affairs of the MACHS Organization. The President shall report in writing to the Executive Officers, within thirty days, any action taken by the Executive Officers. Meetings may be held and decisions made both in person and by technological means.

Article X: Elections

8.1 The President or Vice President will act as the chairperson of the elections nominating committee. 8.2 The nominating committee will establish a time line for election completion each year not to exceed the date of the annual Spring membership meeting.

Article XI: Amendments

9.2 These By Laws may be amended by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the Members voting whether present or by proxy (mail or electronic) as described in 2.4. Proposed changes to the By Laws must be made available to Members at least 30 days in advance of any vote to change.

Article X: Conferences

MACHS conferences will be held annually in the spring. Conferences will be hosted by an educational institution within the region. The Conference Committee will consist of the Chair- from the hosting institution, a student representative from the hosting institution, the MACHS Vice President as co-Chair, and volunteers. In the event that the Vice-president is hosting the conference, a co-chair will be appointed by the Executive Officers. Conference commitments will be planned 2 years out. Start up funds in the amount of $1,000.000 will be available to the hosting institution. A request for these funds should be made to MACHS by September 1st of the year prior to the conference, and the funds should be dispersed by September 15th of that year. Institutions hosting a conference in an upcoming year will be provided an advance of $1000.00 for the conference. All profit made from the conference after any expenses will be returned to the MACHS/NOHS account within 60 days of a given conference.

revised October 2013