Identifying Applicants
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Invitations and Orientation Session

Once all qualified candidates for membership have been identified, the Faculty Advisor or a designated chapter officer should send out an invitation to attend an orientation session.

a.  Invitations - Tau Upsilon Alpha recommends that invitations are sent out to all identified candidates at least three weeks before the scheduled orientation session. At a minimum, the body of the invitations should include something about recognizing the individual as an outstanding student, the date and agenda for the orientation session. An added option to include with the invitation would be a brochure providing information about the Society, membership criteria, and the benefits of membership.

b.  Orientation Session - As part of the recruitment process, Tau Upsilon Alpha recommends an orientation session for those interested in membership. This session could be a simple as inviting the identified, qualified candidates to a chapter meeting or a special event that provides refreshments. The topics for the session could include introductions, philosophy of the Society, membership benefits, application procedures and deadlines, and chapter goals. It is recommended that application forms are made available to all attendees at the orientation session.