Inductions - National, Regional, and Local


Inductions may take place only once membership applications have been approved by TUA National. Inductions can take place at the NOHS Annual Conference held each Fall, at Regional Conferences held each Spring, or locally at the Chapter's institution at any convenient time.

Inductions Held at National or Regional Conferences

Any chapters wanting new members to participate in the induction ceremonies held at a National or Regional Conference must submit a list of the members names to be inducted on the Induction Form to the National Office. To submit an Induction Form please email TUA National Office.

The National Office must receive the Induction Form at Least 4 weeks prior to the start of the conference.

Local Inductions Held at a Chapter's Institutions

A chapter's first induction ceremony should be conducted by an existing member of TUA who has been inducted by a TUA National Officer or designee. This is to facilitate future induction ceremonies at a chapter's institution. If a new chapter is unable to have any of their founding members attend a National or Regional induction ceremony, the Faculty Chapter Advisor may make a request to TUA National Office to establish if a TUA National Officer or designee may be able to attend and conduct the local induction ceremony.

Chapters may hold induction ceremonies at their institute of higher education at any time convenient to the institution. Although National and Regional induction ceremonies are formal events, an induction need not be a formal event. Chapters may hold inductions as part of regular business meetings or as a separate event. Chapter officers with the help of the chapter members will determine when an induction is held and what the exact program consists of. Faculty and school officials may dress in academic regalia, but this is not a requirement. While it is not required to have a reception after an induction ceremony, it is recommended that chapters include a social time for the inductees and their guests. An outline of the formal procedure used by TUA National is provided below.

Please note - once the National Board has accepted a member's application and dues, the member is a member in good standing and can vote and participate in all TUA functions. For example, if a member's application was submitted and approved in November, the member may vote and participate in all TUA functions even if the induction ceremony does not take place until the following February.

Tips for Planning and Conducting the Induction Ceremony