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Identifying Potential Members

Identify potential student members by compiling a list of all eligible human services majors and/or minors, or those enrolled in a closely related social science field. The students must have a minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA and be in the top 35% of their class. In addition:

a.  associate degree program must have completed at least 12 credit hours in courses leading to the associate degree.

b.  baccalaureate degree program must have completed at least the equivalent of three full-time semesters or five full-time quarters of courses leading to the baccalaureate degree.

c.  graduate degree program must have completed at least the equivalent of an accumulation of the number of graduate credit hours used by the school to designate one full-term equivalency for one academic term leading to the graduate degree.

Students must agree to abide by the NOHS Code of Ethics and must show evidence of awareness of the value of leadership and service to a successful career in the human services.

The Faculty Advisor may be able to obtain all or part of the above information from the school registrar to help create the list.  Due to privacy concerns only the Faculty Advisor should have access to student grades. However, once the list of names has been compiled the chapter secretary or designated chapter officer may send out invitations on behalf of the chapter.

2.  Other possible candidates could be those who fall in the alumni, faculty, or honorary member categories.

a.  Alumni Membership - Alumni must be invited to join their school chapter by either the Faculty Advisor or the chapter President. To be eligible

(1)  alumni must have graduated with a human services major or minor (or closely related social science field).

(2)  alumni must have been in the highest 35% of their class and have graduated with a minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA. Further information is found in the by-laws.

b.  Faculty Membership - The Society recognizes and encourages faculty and administration involvement. Faculty should be chosen for their interest, ability to work effectively with students, and desire to promote the ideals of the Society. To be eligible, faculty

(1)  must be full-time or part-time faculty in a human services or closely related social science field.

(2)  must have completed a minimum of one year full-time teaching or two years of part-time teaching at the college/university where they are inducted.

(3) must have maintained an overall scholastic average of 3.25 while enrolled in their education program.

c.  Honorary Membership recognizes outstanding professional achievement and service to the human services field by persons not eligible for student, alumni or faculty membership in the Society. Nominations shall be approved by the Faculty Advisor. No more than two (2) honorary memberships may be granted by a chapter in any academic year. Honorary members must be elected by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the chapter. The national dues will be paid for by the chapter. A membership application and supporting documentation verifying eligibility criteria must be submitted to the Faculty Advisor.