History of TUA


The idea for a National Human Services Honor Society originated from discussions held during the NOHS Conference in East Brunswick, New Jersey. In November 2006, the NOHS Board of Directors approved the establishment of a National Honor Society. In order to launch the Society, volunteers formed a Development Committee to craft bylaws and other procedures. The team mirrored the breadth and diversity of human services because it included students, faculty, administrators, and practitioners, with representation from all NOHS regions. The breadth and diversity of the team resulted in a comprehensive effort. Members focused on the creation of an honor society that would support its mission - to honor academic excellence; to foster life long learning, leadership and development; and to promote excellence in service to humanity.

TUA Development Committee

The Board of Directors is indebted to the dedicated members of the Development Committee:

Student Members
Donnetta Petrey, Southern and Midwest/North Central Region
Margie Mullis, Southern Region
Shameka Eason, Southern Region
Flora Fazio, Midwest/North Central Region
Betty Gillespie, Western Region
Caroline Zavin, Northwest Region
Faculty Members  
Karen Neal, Southern
Stephany Briggs, Southern Region
Linda Stone, Mid-Atlantic Region
Mary Christy, Northwest Region
Gigi Franyo, Mid-Atlantic Region
Kim Bates, Mid-Atlantic Region
Anne Hatcher, Northwest Region
Mike Perkins, Midwest/North Central Region
Lia Willis, Midwest/North Central Region
Robena Wertz, Southern Region
Camille Elliott, New England Region

Practitioner -Annick Smith, Midwest/North Central Region

NOHS Representation  
Judith Slater, President  
Linda Wark, Professional Development