Chapter Officers

This section is intended as a guide for chapter advisors and officers. Chapters may choose to combine duties or elect additional officers to perform the duties.


1. Meets with the leadership team to create a plan for chapter activities and functions for the coming year.

2. Plans, publicizes, and conducts chapter meetings using parliamentary procedures.

3. Regularly communicates with and assists the chapter faculty advisor.

4. Appoints committees, assigns tasks, and receives reports of committee progress.

5. Votes in a tie.

6. Plans and participates in induction ceremonies.

7. Represents the chapter at college meetings (e.g. Student Government).


1.  shall assist the president in chapter management,

2.  preside over chapter meetings in the absence of the president,

3.  be in charge of membership and applications,

4.  collects annual chapter membership dues, and

5.  shall perform other duties as assigned by the president.


1. Records and reads minutes at meetings.

2. Completes chapter correspondence.

3. Takes roll or provides sign-in sheet at all meetings.

4. Maintains roster of email addresses of all members.

5. Sends announcements to members as needed via email.

6. Provides information and media for chapter website.

7. Maintains a notebook with all chapter activities, to include meeting agendas and minutes, committees, reports, sign-in sheets, etc.

8. Completes the semi-annual Activity Report once the leadership team have planned the year and submits the report to the Faculty Advisor to be reviewed, signed, emailed and mailed to TUA National.

9. Completes the Annual Membership Report submits the report to the Faculty Advisor to be reviewed, signed, emailed and mailed to TUA National.


1. Monitors the financial activities of the chapter.

2. Develops an annual budget with the help of the President and Faculty Advisor.

3. Presents a financial report to the membership at each membership meeting.

4. Completes the semi-annual financial reports for TUA National and submits these to the Faculty Advisor to check, sign, email and mail.

Faculty Advisor

1. Provides guidance to the chapter leadership.

2. Identifies potential new members and evaluates/verifies all student applications for eligibility.

3. Acts as the one point of contact between TUA National and the chapter.

4. Submits all required applications and reports to the National Office once checked for completeness and accuracy.

Council Representative

1. Gathers information/concerns from the chapter membership and represents the interest of the chapter at the National Annual Council meeting. This meeting is held during the annual NOHS Conference.

2. Is responsible for sharing the chapter’s views and voting on behalf of the chapter at the Annual Council Meeting and reporting back to the chapter membership.

Other Officer Positions and Duties

The following officer duty descriptions are only ideas for duties these positions may have. These may be changed to reflect the needs of the chapter:


1.  shall be responsible for maintaining all relevant information on the history, activities, and accomplishments of the chapter.

2.  Arranges to have photographs or video taken of chapter activities or functions

3.  Organizes the creation of a chapter scrapbook and/or multimedia presentation of the chapter activities.


1.  shall be responsible for the creation and maintenance of the chapter’s website

2.  for soliciting appropriate information for the website from the chapter leadership team, and from chapter members.