Chapter Meetings

The following are tips and samples for preparing, conducting and reporting on meetings:

Tips for Conducting Meetings

Prepare a written agenda before the meeting (president decides on agenda items and asks secretary to type and make copies)
Provide copies of the agenda for all in attendance at the meeting.
Use the agenda as the structure for the meeting
Enforce the rules of parliamentary procedure consistently and firmly (President)
Be fair and courteous to all.
Finish each topic before introducing something new. (President)
Be organized and present all information in a logical order. (President)
Make decisions without delay whenever possible. (President)

Sample Meeting Agenda

Date, time and location of meeting

I. Call to Order (start time)

II. Roll call or sign-in sheet for all members present

III. Reading and approval of minutes of the last meeting

IV. Treasurer’s Report

V. Committee Reports (list committee and chairperson)

VI. Old Business (List each item)

VII. New Business (List each item)

VIII. Announcements

IX. Adjournment (Expected ending time)

Sample Format of Meeting Minutes

Sample Format of Meeting Minutes