Becoming A Member

Student Membership

If your college/university has a chapter of TUA, please contact the Chapter Advisor at your college/university for information about joining.

If your school does not currently have a chapter of TUA, please go to the Starting a Chapter page of this web site to get information about starting a chapter at your college/university.

If a chapter cannot be established at your college/university, refer to the information below about at-large membership.

Faculty Membership

TUA recognizes and encourages faculty and administrator involvement in the Society. Faculty members should be chosen for their interest in and ability to work effectively with student members, and for their desire to promote the ideals of the Society.

In order to be eligible, faculty must

a. be full-time or part-time faculty in a Human Services (or closely related field within the social sciences);

b. have completed at minimum of one year full-time teaching or two years of part time teaching at the college/university where they are inducted; and

c. have maintained an overall grade point average of 3.25 on a 4.0 scale while enrolled in their education program.

The faculty wishing to become a member should complete the Application for Faculty Membership form.

Alumni Membership

Alumni membership is available for persons in two categories:

(1) Individuals elected into the Society after graduation because membership was not available while they were students.  Individuals in this category must be invited to join their school's chapter by either the Chapter Advisor or the Chapter President.

In order to be eligible, alumni must

a. have graduated with a Human Services (or closely related field within the social sciences) major or minor;

b. have been in the highest 35% of their class; and

c. have graduated with a minimum 3.25 cumulative grade point average

(2) Individuals who were initiated into the Society while they were students become alumni members upon graduation. Induction into the Society confers a lifetime membership as long as membership criteria are maintained. In order to maintain a Basic Alumni Membership Status, the member must provide current contact information to the National Office. Benefits include letters of verification for employers and institutions. Basic Alumni members are not eligible to vote. Active Alumni Membership Status is granted to alumni members who pay annual dues and provide current contact information to the National Office. Benefits include eligibility to vote and serve on the National Board of Directors, and letters of verification for employers and institutions.

Additional information is provided in the by-laws.

Alumni who meet the above criteria and wish to become members should complete the Alumni Membership Application Form.

At-Large Membership

If a chapter cannot be established at the college/university where an individual is currently enrolled or teaching in a Human Services (or related social science field) degree program, the individual may apply to become an at-large member.

The student or faculty member wishing to apply for at-large membership should complete the At Large Membership Application.

Honorary Membership

Honorary membership in TUA is used to recognize outstanding professional achievement and service to the Human Services field by persons not eligible for student, alumni, or faculty membership. Nominations must be approved by the Chapter Advisor and elected by a two-thirds vote of the chapter. The chapter will pay the national dues for the Honorary member. No more than two honorary memberships may be granted by a chapter in each academic year.

The professional wishing to apply for honorary membership should complete the Application for Honorary Membership.

Resigning Membership

A member desiring to resign from the Society shall submit in writing his/her desire to both the chapter (if applicable) and to the National Office.

Suspension or Termination of Membership

Membership in the Society may be suspended or terminated by the National Board for just cause. Sufficient cause for such suspension or termination may be violation of the by-laws or any lawful rule or practice adopted by the Society, or other conduct deemed prejudicial to the best interests of the Society. Additional information is available in the by-laws.