Outstanding Contribution by an Organization

This award is presented to an organization, agency, or company that has shown outstanding support for NOHS’ mission and goals.  The organization may be a nonprofit community agency; a faculty run project that has nonprofit status; a student- run club sanctioned by a university; or a for-profit company. Examples of support for NOHS include: a company that provide funding for student travel to a conference; the promotion of NOHS as local events; membership drives for NOHS among human service professionals in the local community; sponsorship of NOHS regional events. Keep in mind these efforts should produce a record of accomplishments across time. One-time events resulting in unusual accomplishments will be considered.

Your application will be evaluated on the following criteria using a five-point scale where 5 = Outstanding and 1 = Doesn’t Meet

  • Complete application packet with no late materials
  • Letter of support from the nominating person that contain examples of the organization’s support for NOHS’ mission and goals
  • At least one additional letter of support from other individuals who know the organization and can speak well of it
  • Optional other documentation that provides evidence that the organization has met the criteria

To view the evaluation form used for this award, click here.

Application materials must be submitted by May 1 to be considered. All application materials should be submitted electronically to Dr. Tammi Milliken at scholar@nationalhumanservices.org with the exception of the transcripts which should be mailed to:

    Dr. Tammi Milliken 
    Counseling and Human Services 
    Darden School of Education
    Old Dominion University 
    Norfolk, VA 23529