New Information on the Exam Registration Process

Human Services Board-Certified Practitioner

altThe National Organization for Human Services (NOHS), in collaboration with the Council for Standards in Human Service Education (CSHSE) and the Center for Credentialing & Education ™ (CCE®), are pleased to promote the premier certification in human services. This practice based exam will strengthen the visibility and credibility of human services careers both here and abroad. This new credential is also an essential element in fulfilling our mission of strengthening recognition of the unique and valued role of human services professionals.

The Human Services Board Certified Practitioner replaced the Level I Credentialing. Visit CCE for more information.

FAQs about the HS-BCP Credential

What is this?  The Human Services - Board Certified Practitioner is a voluntary credential. This credential professionalizes the field of Human Services and sets the holder apart from other practitioners.

Who should apply? To be eligible to apply for the HS-BCP national credential, a degree must have been earned at a regionally accredited college or university, or a state-approved community or junior college at the associates level or above. Applicants must also have completed the required post-degree experience. The requirements are outlined in the HS-BCP application packet.

Why should I apply? The HS-BCP certifies that you meet the 11 core Human Services content areas, and that your education and experience are nationally recognized. It also demonstrates commitment to the practice of human services and helps professionalize the field of human services.

Do employers know about the HS-BCP? Because this is a new credential, many employers may not be aware of the HS-BCP.  The combined efforts of NOHS, CSHSE, and CCE will raise awareness of the credential, and the value of hiring an applicant who holds this credential. 

How much does it cost? The application and exam fee is $195, which includes the first year's maintenance fee. Beginning one year after certification, credential holders will be billed an annual maintenance fee of $35. These fees are comparable to fees charged for other national certifications.

Is continuing education required to maintain my HS-BCP? Yes, you must complete 60 clock hours of continuing education during the 5-year certification period. Information about continuing education opportunities will be available at www.nationalhumanservices.org and www.cce-global.org

How do I apply? Go to CCE to download the HS-BCP packet


Contact Regina Flora, flora@cce-global.org